Monthly Archives: February 2012

This was my first wedding completely on my own, and I can definitely say I will do more in the future! This was a unique experience for me because I got to go behind the scenes of a modern day Korean wedding. In the morning, I went with the bride and groom’s family to get their hair and make-up done. Then we made our way to the wedding hall where we met the bride in her bridal room. After the ceremony (about 45 minutes long), some of the guests ate dinner in the wedding hall and others went downstairs to eat. Once the bride and groom were done eating, they changed into their traditional Korean honboks and had another ceremony of sorts. I had a great time and thank Jenny (the groom’s sister) for asking me to take photos of their wedding.


Today I had some fun with our furry little critter Rusty! We adopted Rusty from a Korean animal shelter in August 2010. We got Rusty when he was  about 7 weeks old. He had no parents and he was a very sick little puppy. The first month we had him, we had to bring him to the vet 3 times a week to get shots. Since then he’s grown a lot and become part of our family. In the winter, we let his hair grow out and he looks like a little ewok from Star Wars. We love our furry little critter!

My cousin Holly is just 1 month younger than me. Growing up, she was always the trouble-maker and I was always the goodie two shoes. Even though we were (and still are) opposites in many ways, we have formed an amazing relationship! When people ask who she is I always say she’s my sister instead of my cousin. On our last trip home, I met Holly and her daughter Lily at our grandparents’ house. She was pregnant with her second child (Sawyer) and we took some maternity photos. Holly is so beautiful on the inside and the outside and I think this beauty really showed through in these photos!

I visited a couple originally from India today to take photos of their 3 week old son, Arin. Arin had a lot of spunk for only being 3 weeks old and great hair to go along with it! I enjoyed speaking with Arin’s family about their traditions and customs. They shared some traditional tea and dessert with me! Yummy!

I’ve entered another Design Challenge! For this design challenge, designers had to come up with birthday invitations for children. I decided to design something with a superhero, comic book theme. If you’re interested in purchasing this design, please go to my contact page to send me a message.


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