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This morning 5 of my closest friends in Korea joined me for one final hoorah before going our separate ways…only to meet up again in the near future.

I read a quote the other day that stated, “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” No matter where you live in the world, you are bound to find true friends who affect your life’s journey. My journey and experiences in Korea have been better than I could have ever imagined because of these girls. I’m excited to keep in touch and meet up with all of them in some other part of the world!

I’ve known Autum for about two years. I met her when I joined the Seoul RMT women’s soccer team. I was telling Autum today one of her best qualities is that she knows how to make people laugh. She’s always up for anything…but make sure you know where you’re going because Autum always seems to get lost. She also likes to do things spontaneously…like getting eye surgery on 4th of July weekend without telling anyone.

I met Fivi on the Tancheon River one Sunday afternoon. Luke put together a basketball tournament and Fivi and Jen (a.k.a. Rockstar) happened to show up. We started talking and they invited me to play in a tournament with the RMT team. Fivi is a phenomenal soccer player and friend. She has such a big heart and will do anything to help you out!

At the soccer tournament Fivi invited me to, I met Mariko. I decided to introduce myself to her and she gave me the tough girl act. I was definitely intimidated by her, but first impressions aren’t always accurate. After playing defense together for a few games and talking a little more to Mariko and Brandon (her husband), she started to warm up to me. From that day on we were great friends! Mariko setup jobs for us at her school and we worked with her for about 1-1/2 years. She’s an amazing person with a heart of gold. Mariko and Brandon will be moving to Egypt in August…only a 2-1/2 hour flight from us…yes we’ve already looked it up!

Before I go into how I met Maryanne, I just want to say that she is such a trooper! She had eye surgery two days ago (hence the sunglasses and cute hat) and was determined to join us for the photos! I’m glad she was able to make it!

When Luke and I started to work at Mariko’s school, we met Dennis (our coworker) and his wife Maryanne. At the time Maryanne did not work at our school, but it wasn’t long before all of us became good friends. Maryanne, Mariko and I started baking cupcakes when our husbands decided to play poker. We would also go to hot yoga, shopping and out to eat together. Maryanne is a great person and I will greatly miss our weekend game nights with the boys!

Sara and I have known each other for about 2 years now. We met through playing soccer together on the RMT Seoul foreign woman’s team. Sara is a great person who loves to travel. She’s involved in so many things and every vacation period you can guarantee she’s traveling. I had the privilege of taking her engagement photos for her last fall. Sara and her husband will be moving to Myanmar in July.

Thanks girls for getting me out from behind the camera and snapping a few shots of me!

I have met so many great families from Suwon recently and the Meyer family is no exception. I met them at Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon today to take some family portraits before they had back to the states for the summer. We walked along the wall of the fortress and found some great spots to take some photos. Their little boy (10 months old) was so fun to work with. He couldn’t stop smiling! Enjoy the sneak peek of their photo session!

This group was so much fun to work with! They reminded me of my friends and family back home. I didn’t know so much could happen in 3 hour time span! We fed the fish in the pond, jumped off some boulders, waded in the river, found a momma duck with her eggs, blew some bubbles, popped a few balloons and my favorite of all, rescued a ball by lower two kids down a 10 foot wall! Wow! What a crazy, fun-filled afternoon! You were a great group to work with! I hope you will enjoy these photos for years to come as you go your separate ways after 4 years together!

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