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My husband’s parents were able to join us in Korea for Christmas this year. They haven’t had a chance to visit us over the past three years that we’ve been living in Korea, so they wanted to visit us before we left at the end of our contract. During their three days in Korea we visited the Korean War Memorial Museum, ate A LOT, showed them around the area we live, took a trip to a local supermarket and did a site-seeing tour of Seoul. Below are two photos from our trip to the Korean War Memorial Museum.

Korea + Vietnam | Christmas 2012


Prior to their arrival in Korea, we decided that we would ┬áhead to a warmer destination since Korea is so cold in the winter. It’s comparable to Wisconsin in the USA, but there isn’t as much snow. After much debate on where to go (Thailand, Philippines, Bali, etc.), we finally decided on traveling to Vietnam.

We had about a 5 hour wait in Ho Chi Mihn while we waited for our connecting flight to Da Nang, so we decided to leave the airport and find some food to eat. The photo below shows a part of the menu at the restaurant we chose to eat at. Cow stomach soup…yum! No, just kidding…we didn’t try this.


We arrived in Hoi An late on a rainy night. After checking-in at the Vihn Hung Resort (pricey for Vietnam, but it is a great place to stay) we headed straight to bed. We woke up in the morning, had breakfast and headed to “downtown” Hoi An via a 5-10 minute boat ride. The driver let Jim drive for a bit.



Hoi An is an old town that was not destroyed by the Vietnam War. This quaint town has over 300 tailors that will create anything you want. You bring in a photo from a magazine, say I want this and they will make it for you!2012Vietnam_07



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Another wonderful family from GSIS in Suwon! Clare, Mark and Isaiah are an incredible kiwi family! They were so laid back and easy to talk to! I had so much fun taking photos of their family and especially their adorable little guy. I hope they love the photos from their session as much as I do!


Yesterday I finally got to meet sweet, adorable, little Evelynn for her 3 month photos! When I stepped in the door to Sreeja and Arvind’s apartment, I was greeted with a big smile from her. I instantly fell in love! From the start, Sreeja and Arvind warned me that Evelynn turns off her precious little smile as soon as the camera comes out (even an iPhone camera). They were right; however, we were able to get some adorable little smiles from her with a little extra effort.


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