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While teaching in Egypt we met an amazing couple, Jessica and Jake, who happen to be from the midwest like us. In December 2014, they had a beautiful little boy named Isaac. Before leaving Egypt, Jessica asked if Malak and I would take some family photos for them. I owe Jessica and Jake so much. Jessica was not only a lifesaver when it came to helping me transition into being a new mom, but also the person who introduced me to GroVia cloth diapers (which I LOVE). Such a beautiful, wonderful family!




I also slipped in a few photos of our pup, who helped keep Isaac entertained during the photo shoot.HM_Muonio_004HM_Muonio_003

I love this family! Malak, Karim, Yousef and Ismail are an amazing family! Malak is my coworker (and one of my best friends) and her oldest son, Ismail, is in my grade 1 class. Before we started taking photos, we went over to their uncle’s small farm to look at all of his animals. We saw pigeons, chicks, roosters, rabbits, cows and goats! We also played a little game of soccer (Yousef and I won)!


Today I had some fun with our furry little critter Rusty! We adopted Rusty from a Korean animal shelter in August 2010. We got Rusty when he was ¬†about 7 weeks old. He had no parents and he was a very sick little puppy. The first month we had him, we had to bring him to the vet 3 times a week to get shots. Since then he’s grown a lot and become part of our family. In the winter, we let his hair grow out and he looks like a little ewok from Star Wars. We love our furry little critter!

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