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Port Washington is a beautiful town along the shores of Lake Michigan. As my dad and I were driving in the car on our way to a senior portrait location, I snapped this photo of St. Mary’s church on top of the hill. It was a very foggy morning, which gives the photo a more dramatic feel.


There is an area of Cairo known to many foreigners as Garbage City. This area gets its name because, as you can probably guess, there is a lot of garbage there. Over the years, the people of this community bought many of the garbage routes in Cairo and found ways to recycle the garbage they collected. Nowadays, this resourceful community thrives by recycling 85% of what they collect.

I’ve been to this community twice now (once with coworkers from school and another time with my family), and it’s found a special place in my heart. Both times I have been there, the people have been extremely welcoming. My favorite place to go when I visit is the Children’s Club – a nursery and school for the children in the area.

For more information on this amazing place, please visit the website of the Association for the Protection of the Environment (APE – Some of the photos below are from this organization’s headquarters in this area. They train women to make things, such as quilts, rugs and paper, from recycled goods.

You will also see photos of the cave churches in this area and some graffiti that we passed in Tahrir Square on our way home.










After my family, Luke and I went to the Great Pyramids of Giza, we decided to take a relaxing felucca ride on the Nile River in an area of Cairo called Maadi. Even though it was very quiet and peaceful on the water, there was still a lot going on. There were families fishing in their boats, workers pulling sand and silt off the bottom of the river, and my personal favorite, a man in a boat on his cellphone while is young son (or grandson) relaxed laying on his stomach at the front of his boat.

After the felucca ride we went to Khan El Khalili market in search of a backgammon board for Luke – we were successful in finding it!



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