In August my little brother competed in the Special Olympics Wisconsin State Golf tournament. He had great support from family and friends – Myla even came to cheer him on! He did an awesome job and we’re so proud of the silver medal he brought home! Keep up the amazing work Shawny Boy!2015 SOWI State Golf2015_SOWIGolf_002015_SOWIGolf_022015_SOWIGolf_0022015_SOWIGolf_032015_SOWIGolf_0052015_SOWIGolf_0032015_SOWIGolf_042015_SOWIGolf_0042015_SOWIGolf_0062015_SOWIGolf_05

While teaching in Egypt we met an amazing couple, Jessica and Jake, who happen to be from the midwest like us. In December 2014, they had a beautiful little boy named Isaac. Before leaving Egypt, Jessica asked if Malak and I would take some family photos for them. I owe Jessica and Jake so much. Jessica was not only a lifesaver when it came to helping me transition into being a new mom, but also the person who introduced me to GroVia cloth diapers (which I LOVE). Such a beautiful, wonderful family!




I also slipped in a few photos of our pup, who helped keep Isaac entertained during the photo shoot.HM_Muonio_004HM_Muonio_003

For Mother’s Day this year, Luke surprised me with a new macro lens. I finally had a chance to play with it while in Door County with my family and friends. All I can say is that I LOVE this lens! It’s amazing and so fun to play with! 2015_DoorCounty_00



Only a couple more weeks until our little one is scheduled to join us. I needed a break from lesson planning, so I decided to take some photos of some of the baby stuff we’ve either bought or received as gifts. Enjoy!


Bethany contacted me about halfway through her pregnancy asking if I would be able to take maternity photos of her in Egypt before she returned to Canada for the birth of her little one. Because of our pregnancies, Bethany and I hit it off right away. After talking a bit, we decided to head to a truly unique spot for maternity photos…


M o r e   i n f o