The Holland Family | Fall Family Portraits

I’m so lucky to meet such AMAZING families like the Hollands. Julie, Danny and Ben were so much fun to work with! From the moment they pulled up on their bikes, I knew I would like working with them. Julie and Danny are both very personable people. They’ve been in Korea for about 5 months and I enjoyed hearing about their experiences so far. They are not teaching here, so it was interesting to get their perspective of Korea. Ben is such a cutie! He may be one of the most active 18 month olds I’ve ever met! From the time he got out of his bike seat, he was running around chasing his ball. In the two hours I was with the Hollands, Ben maybe stopped walking/running for 5 minutes. He was very entertaining and fun to work with! Please feel free to comment below…I’d love to hear what you think!

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